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Don't Get a Dog

Actor Paul Sorvino, from Goodfellas and Law & Order, speaks on behalf of the Southern Hope "Don't Get A Dog" campaign

 You can not afford to take him to a vet when he gets sick or injured.

 You can not afford dog food, a dog house, heartworm and flea prevention.

 You can not afford annual rabies and parvo vaccinations.

 You can not afford to spay or neuter him.

 You do not have a stable living situation which allows dogs.

 You do not have a stable job or income.

 You don't plan to keep him inside and leash walk him or you don't have a secure fenced area. 

 You don't plan to socialize him to people and other pets and obedience train him. 

 You plan to leave him outside without much attention. Dogs who are left neglected outside become unhappy and cause barking problems or worse.  

 You are getting the dog just for your kids. You will be the one responsible for his care, so don't get a dog just because your son wants one.

 You aren't committed to caring for him for his entire 10-15 year lifespan.